Sec. 78 (122004)



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1. Registration is a precondition for admission. Children are normally registered for admission in the month of September or October or whenever announced.
2. Registration Fee is inclusive of Prospectus Fee.
3. Registration Fee is neither refundable nor transferable.
4. Registration does not guarantee admission.
5. For children seeking admission for all the classes- interaction session with both the parents is compulsory. It helps us to know more about the child, his habits, nature &medical status.
6. Registration form shall be made available on the website when registration opens

Admission should be supported with the following document-
What documents have to be submitted at the time of registration

• One recent passport-size color photograph of the candidate
• One recent passport-size color photograph of both the parents.
• A copy of the Birth Certificate of the candidate (Attested by a Gazette Officer)
• A copy of Proof of residence (Attested by a Gazette Officer)
• Transfer Certificate should be submitted in original (Previous School attended for classes UKG onwards)
• Migration Certificate must be furnished in case the Board is other than CBSE.
• Report Card of Previous Class (UKG onwards)
• Aadhar Card for parents & child
What documents have to be submitted at the time of admission?
a) Attested copy of DOB certificate (Nursery –UKG only)
b) Blood group & HB count Certificate from an authorized lab
c) Transfer Certificate (UKG onwards)
d) Previous Report Card (UKG onwards)
e) Category – SC/ST/OBC/Oth


• The intake points for admission are classes LKG and XI depending upon the number of seats in respective classes. Vacancies in the other classes are limited and are filled as and when vacancies arise.
• Students seeking admission to class LKG should be 3+ years and of age on 1st April, of the year in which admission is sought.
• Admission is granted only after the students qualify the Entrance Test and Interactive session and is subjected to the availability of seats.
• Students only from C.B.S.E., I.C.S.E. or State Board recognized school shall be registered for Classes III to XI.
• For admission to Classes LKG to XI Report Card and Original Transfer Certificate from school last attended must be furnished.
• Parents, who are unable to produce the TC and Report Card from their previous school immediately after declaration of the result of the present class, must give an undertaking of assurance to deposit TC and Report Card from their previous school immediately after declaration of the result or at the time of joining of school.
• Only those students will be considered for admission who submits a TC and Report Card with the remark “passed” or “promoted” to class for which they are being tested.
• In case the transfer is from another state, Inter State Transfer Certificate duly counter signed by Chairman CBSE / Education officer of the area student is transferring from, must be submitted.
• TC and Report Card should be submitted in original. In case the candidate fails to submit TC and Report Card within 15 days from the declaration of result from the previous school, his or her admission will be cancelled.
• Candidates seeking admission to class XI must submit attested photocopy of Mark List from the Board for Class X. The copy must be attested by the Principal of the school last attended.
• In case a candidate has been admitted and the fee paid, thereafter the withdrawal of the student is sought, and then only the Caution Money & Library Security shall be refunded even if the student has not attended school for a single day. Parents can claim the refund of caution money and library security only if the original receipt is produced. In case the original receipt is lost an affidavit from the First Class Magistrate must be submitted.


• Notice in writing for withdrawal of a student from the school must be given one month in advance, before 10th of the month or one month’s fee shall be charged in lieu of the notice period.
• The parents, who want to withdraw their ward after the final result is declared, must inform school authorities by the last working day of February of the current session; otherwise he/ she will have to pay full amount of dues in next session including all the dues & tuition fee for the month of April.

Transfer Cases

• Students only from CBSE & ICSE or State Board recognized school will be registered.
• A copy of Report Card & Original Transfer Certificate from the last school attended must be furnished.
TC & Report Card (mentioning PASSED or PROMOTED) should be submitted in original.
• Inter State Transfer Certificate duly countersigned by Chairman CBSE/ Education Officer of the area student is transferring from, must be submitted in case the transfer is from another state
Migration Certificate must be furnished in case the Board is other than CBSE.

All students are allotted admission number, which should be quoted during all correspondence with the school.

Fee Norms

A.) Fee Structure can be amended or revised any time without prior notice to the parents, whenever it is deemed essential, decided and approved by the managing committee.

B.) Parents are required to deposit the fee quarterly in the month of April, July, October & January. School fee should be paid by 15th of the above mentioned months, failing which late fee fine will be levied which is as follow:-
16th to 20th of the month Rs 50/- (Cheque / Cash)
21st to 25th of the month Rs 100/- (Cheque / Cash)
26th to 31st of the month Rs 150/- (Cheque / Cash)
Note: – In case the cheque furnished against fee bounces a penalty of Rs. 200 shall be levied.

C.) Parents are requested to note that the last date for payment will be last working day of the month starting the respective quarter up to 1 pm. after which the name of the students will be struck off from the rolls without giving any reminder. Re-admission will be done on payment of an amount equal to 50% of admission fee and will be entirely at the discretion of the Management and availability of seats.
• Payment at the time of admission shall be made with the Accounts Department only. Payment must be through cash/DD only. Fee once paid shall not be refunded except when paid in excess inadvertently by the parent. Final payment at the time of withdrawal shall be accepted only in cash.
• Those parents, who would like to have a ‘Tuition Fee Certificate’ from the school for the purpose of availing Income Tax Rebate, must submit the counter slip of the paid Fee along with the application with the school office for obtaining the above certificate.

• Parents are requested to pay the quarterly fee & other charges by cheque. It will facilitate the working of the parents & staff both.

Refund and Cancellation Policy:

1. Notice in writing for withdrawal of a student must be given one month in advance before 10th of the month or one month’s fee shall be charged in lieu of the notice period.
2. Once a student is admitted to the school and all admission formalities are complete thereafter if withdrawal is sought; only caution money and library security (if charged) will be refunded.
3. Fee paid online cannot be charged back or refunded through “Payment Gateway”. In case of any dispute please contact School Accounts Office.

Parents Teacher Meetings

Parent Teacher Meetings (Include special PTMs & Open House)
Open-house P.T. meetings are organized for better interaction between parents and teachers.
Parent teacher meetings must be attended regularly for a better and close rapport with the school and teachers and to thoroughly scrutinize the academic performance of the child. Parents should ensure regularity, punctuality and active participation of the child in school activities.

The date wise time schedule for PT-meetings is intimated every month by the class-teacher. the parents must abide by the time-slot intimated. In case any parent is unable to abide by the time-slot intimated for Parent-Teacher meeting, due to any reason, they must intimate class teacher well in advance to procure another date.
Parents can meet the teachers on any Saturdays with prior appointment only.

Orientation Programmes
The school organizes Orientation Programmes for the parents at the beginning of every Academic Session to acquaint the parents about the working methodology and assessment system of the school as per CBSE directives. Orientation Programme is also organized for the new members of the Jhankar School Family to apprise them with the methodology of working and system of the school.

Examination and Evaluation

Education, as a planned endeavor, should aim at making children capable of becoming active, responsible, productive and caring members of the society. It is therefore, deemed essential that it must promote and nourish a wide range of capacities and skills in learners.

Examination Pattern-

Primary Wing: 2017-2018
• There are two terms in each session. – TERM I & TERM II
• Term I- April to September
• Term II- October to March
• Students will be assessed through regular assignments, activities, spell check, projects and models.
• Grades are awarded for Art and Craft, Music and Dance, Sports, Yoga and Aerobics and Literary Clubs.

Classes VI to X: The examination for academic year 2017-18 will be conducted as per the remodeled assessment structure following the latest CBSE directives for classes VI –X which includes three major categories i.e. Scholastic,
Co scholastic and Discipline.
Each Session comprises of two Terms:
Term 1: April to September
Term 2: October to March

Assessment Structure
1. The students would be assessed on a continuous basis through series of Periodic Tests and Term
2. Pen and paper assessment will be conducted as per the following schedule –Periodic test 1, Periodic Test 2: Mid Term, Periodic test 3,Periodic Test 4 and Annual.