Sec. 78 (122004)


Administrative Block

The Administrative Block of the school is a compact block that includes the Reception, Director’s Office, Vice-Chairman’s Office, Principal’s Office, Superintendent’s Office, Accounts Office and Administrative Officer’s Office.

Academic Block

The Academic Block of the school is a three-storey block comprising spacious and well-ventilated classrooms. The Examination cell of the school is also housed in the Academic Block. All activities related to Examinations are operated from the Examination Cell.


The important thing in science is not so much to obtain new facts as to discover new ways of thinking about them.”- Sir William Bragg.
The School comprising of a spacious Physics Lab, Chemistry Lab, Biology Lab, Computer Lab, Math Lab and social science and science abs.

  • Physics Lab
    The Physics Lab is a spacious hall that can accommodate 25 to 30 students at a time. The lab is equipped with the latest equipment catering to the +2 syllabus where students carry out their experiments in an innovative environment.
  • Chemistry Lab
    The Chemistry lab is a well ventilated Hall and has been recently renovated to provide a clear and hygienic ambience to carry out experiments. The lab is annually upgraded with the latest equipments and safety gadgets.
  • Biology Lab
    The Biology lab is well-equipped with all required specimens to provide firsthand knowledge to the students about the subject.
  • Computer Lab
    School’s computer lab is consist of 45 PCs. The lab is equipped with a network of computers and the students are exposed to net-surfing for collecting specialized information, Project work, and Power-point presentations.
  • Maths Lab
    Mathematics Laboratory has been introduced for active learning and for making mathematical learning joyful and interesting. The lab is equipped with a number of models like Number meter, Number apparatus, Cuisenaire strips, Pocket Chart, Dominoes, Fraction Disc, Watch Model, Spike Abacus, Geo board and many other such models to facilitate the students to develop the concept of numbers in an easier way.
  • Language Lab
    The school provides for a Language Lab with most sophisticated and updated software resource material. The Language Lab exposes them to phonetic skills and help them acquire the right pronunciation and intonation along with a self-check system so that they imbibe the skill of effective communication.


“No man can be called friendless when he has God and the companionship of good books.” – Elizabeth Barret Browning.

  • Senior Wing
    The Senior Wing library is well-equipped with a capacity of 7,000 books with separate Text and reference sections. The library has on its shelves a variety of Audio and Video-Cassettes.
  • Primary Wing
    The Primary wing library caters to the specific needs of the children in that particular age group. It has a well stocked library 6,000 books. A class library is also maintained which encourages the children to read extensively besides handling books with care.
    Many topics are dealt with through rich display of pictures and documentaries in the audio-visual section. The themes are subject-specific and interdisciplinary, making learning a holistic and comprehensive experience. The annual review of the books makes the whole approach to reading an integrated dynamic process, ensuring the availability of the best resource material.
  • Teachers Resource room
    Library has separate reading and book section for teachers which comprises of reference books and resources books on many subjects.

Medical Room

“He, who has health, has hope; and he who has hope has everything.”

The school provides for a Medical Room where medical aid is provided to the students. The school engages the services of qualified and competent Doctors and also has on its rolls a General Physician, Pediatrician and a Staff Nurse. Periodical Health-check ups are a regular feature and the students are also motivated towards Balanced and Healthy Food Habits. The school believes in imparting healthy food habits to the students for a healthy mind can reside only in a healthy body. With this objective the school has implemented a balanced diet menu for the students.

Outdoor sports Arena

Basket Ball Court, Badminton Court and Skating rink etc. provide a unique opportunity to the students to learn the game under excellent coaches and a state-of-an art infrastructure with latest equipment and technology support.

Indoor sports Area