Sec. 78 (122004)

General Information

General FAQs

Qn 1. What is the admission procedure of the school till class X?
Registration is a pre-condition for admission. Children are normally registered for admission in the month of January. However registration does not guarantee admission.

Qn 2. What is the procedure followed for admission to class XI?
Registration for class XI is done in the month of March. Merit is the sole criterion for admission and allocation of streams.

Qn 3. What are the streams offered at Senior Secondary Level?
Streams of Courses offered at Senior Secondary level
English (Core), Physics, Chemistry, Maths, Physical Education/ Hindi.
English (Core), Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Hindi/ Physical Education.
English (Core), Business Studies, Accountancy, Economics, Maths/ Physical/Hindi.
Admission should be supported with the following documents-

Qn 4. What documents have to be submitted at the time of registration?
• One recent passport-size colour photograph of the candidate • One recent passport-size colour photograph of both the parents. •A copy of the Birth Certificate of the candidate (Attested by a Gazetted Officer) • A copy of Proof of residence (Attested by a Gazetted Officer) • Transfer Certificate should be submitted in original (Previous School attended for classes UKG onwards)
• Migration Certificate must be furnished in case the Board is other than CBSE.
• Report Card of Previous Class (UKG onwards)
• Aadhar Card for parents & child

Qn 5. What documents have to be submitted at the time of admission?
a) Attested copy of DOB certificate (Nursery –UKG only)
b) Blood group & HB count Certificate from an authorized lab
c) Transfer Certificate (UKG onwards)
d) Previous Report Card (UKG onwards)
e) Category – SC/ST/OBC/Others

Qn 6. What is the procedure for withdrawal of a student?
Notice in writing for withdrawal of a student must be given one month in advance before the 10th of the month or one month’s fee shall be charged in lieu of the notice period.

Qn 7. What about the withdrawal of a student who has already been admitted and whose fee has already been paid?
Then only the Caution Money and Library Security shall be refunded even if the student has not attended school for a single day, only on producing the original receipt. In case original receipt is lost then an affidavit from the First Class Magistrate must be submitted stating that no one can claim the above mentioned security and the affidavit should be signed by the father or mother only.

Qn 8. What are the Fee norms of the school?
Parents shall be required to deposit the quarterly fee at the cash counter of the school in the months of April, July, October & January by cheque or bank Draft. The last day for the fee deposit will be 15th of the above mentioned months, failing which a late fee of Rs. 25/-will be charged till 20th. From 21st to 25th late fee of Rs. 50/- will be charged and from 26th onwards Rs. 100/- will be charged till the last working day of the month.

Identity Cards

Students are issued identity cards as per instructions of the local governing authorities. These identity cards are for the security of the students and hence should be maintained by the student for the full session. Students are expected to carry their I-Card every day to school. No student shall be allowed to enter the school premises without the I-Card, once it has been issued. In case the I-Card is lost by the student, it shall be mandatory to get a new I-Card issued on extra charge. The previous session’s I-Cards must be worn by the student till the new one is not issued.

School Hours

Summer Timings:
March to October: 7.30 a.m. to 2.00 p.m.

Winter Timings:
November to February: 8.15 a.m. to 2.30 p.m

• The students are expected to report 05 minutes prior to the school timings.
• Please note that Saturdays will be observed as holidays for all the classes from Nur to XII.
• Late comers shall be sent back home and shall be marked absent for that day.

Morning Assembly
The morning assembly helps each child to show case his or her talent and ensure a robust start to the day. It is the most serene feature of the school curriculum where students learn the value of collective prayer and are exposed to the need to inculcate moral and ethical values. They are guided to the path of spiritualism through educational talks. Meditation and introspection form an integral feature of the morning assembly.
Morning Assembly is conducted class-wise on particular topic given by Principal Madam followed by Important news of the day.
Students must reach the school premises before the commencement of the morning assembly. The parents should accompany their wards and clarify the reason in person, if the student is delayed due to an unforeseen contingency.

School Uniform

In order to, maintain parity, the school uniform shall be made available at the uniform counter in the school premises.

Students will be expected to wear the prescribed House Uniform as follows:

Blue uniform to be worn on following days:

Classes I to XII – Tuesday, Thursday, Friday – Blue Dress

Class I to XII – Monday, Wednesday, Saturday – White Dress

• It is mandatory for girls studying in classes up to VIII to wear trousers instead of skirts as a part of winter uniform.
• Students are expected to report to school in flawless school uniform.
• The prescribed uniform must be worn by the students on the specified days.
• Parents are requested to purchase the uniform as per the required size of their ward for well – fitting clothes add to the personality and smartness of the students.
• Parents are suggested to maintain the school uniform properly and see that their ward comes to school neatly dressed. Students wearing low waist trousers/short skirts shall be strictly dealt with.
• Parents are suggested to purchase ribbons and hair bands from school counter to maintain parity.
• Students reporting to school in improper uniform will be dealt with strictly -Boys maintaining unkempt hair will have their hair cut by a barber. A penalty of Rs. 100/- will be charged from the students.

NOTE: The prescribed uniform for respective classes shall be on display at the Uniform Counter. Please contact the same for further details.
• Students must have a clean handkerchief.
• Shoes must be polished every day.
• Wearing of bindi, ornaments, fancy clips & mehndi is prohibited.
• Nails must be trimmed properly, short and clean. Use of nail – enamel, is prohibited.
• Proper hair-cut to be maintained.
• Simple & small ear – rings only may be worn. Students and parents will be responsible for any loss.
• Watches, if worn, are the responsibility of the students.
• Students are prohibited from carrying mobile phones to school. Mobiles phone from defaulters will be confiscated.
• Students must not commute to school on two wheeler or cars. Vehicles will be confiscated from defaulters.