Sec. 78 (122004)

October Month Assembly topics

1 October, 19 Knowledge session on Mahatma Gandhi Class- Nursery

4 October, 19 Basic Manners and Etiquettes class- I B

5 October, 19 Special assembly on Dussehra and Speech by teacher on maintaining discipline

9 October, 19 Healthy Diet Class- IC

11 October, 19 Money without education Class- XII Science

14 October, 19 Be polite to others Class – XII Commerce

15 October, 19 Speech by teacher on Speaking truth

16 October, 19 Less ego more excellence Class- XI Science

18 October, 19 Behavior is a mirror in which we can display our image Class-XI Commerce

21 October, 19 Time is money Class-X A

23 October, 19 Importance of studies in our life Class- XB

24 October, 19 Special Assembly on Diwali Class -UKG B and Skit play on hand wash Class- V

25 October, 19 There is no time like present Class- IX A

30 October, 19 Change in society, by change in ourselves class- IX B